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Gorgeous. Scottish. A musician—but not in the traditional sense. No, Matteu MacKenzie is one of the best bagpipe players around—a Master Piper. And Cora had given her heart to him, only to have him break it by choosing his music over her. But a secret they share is tearing them apart, and unless Cora is willing to acknowledge what happened, Matty feels their love can never be redeemed. And by midnight on New Year’s Eve, their chances will expire.

EVER SINCE they met as teens, they clicked. Completely.

EVER SINCE they started dating, they knew they belonged together.

EVER SINCE the car accident that ended innocent lives, Cora has been on her own—abandoned, bereft,            betrayed by the only man she’d ever loved.

EVER SINCE the day Matty’s distracted driving almost cost Cora her life, he’s been unable to cope  with how deeply he failed her.  They have not been the same

Fun loving veterinarian Carla Krasinski is finally taking her dream vacation—a week in Key West. Working overnights in emergency means she sees all the critical cases... and no sun. So this week means no life-saving decisions, just a week-long stroll under the palm trees. Having her sister out of prison means Carla’s babysitting duties of her niece are also moot this week.  And the fact her new boyfriend proposed and expects an answer when she returns? Well, that’s what a week of no decisions is for, right? She’s one cabana boy shy of unadulterated bliss.

When DEA Agent Gunner Fitz gets the call that a possible drug deal is going down—by a woman he incarcerated and who just got released—he knows he has to follow the lead to Florida. Not only will this woman lead him to the crime boss, but also his abducted sister, the reason he went into this field in the first place. But Gunner gets sidetracked by a woman on the plane, one whose laugh captivates him. After scant minutes in her presence, Gunner knows unequivocally this is the woman he’s going to marry.

And then he gets the email: Carla’s the woman he’s supposed to trail. If Gunner tells her the truth about his mission, he’ll lose her. If he lies, he’ll lose her.

And when Carla has no choice but to help Gunner rescue his sister, her decisions will become a matter of life or death.

Being betrayed by people they trusted has made both Quinn and Maggie closed off. Quinn is on assignment to sabotage Donjon Security Systems with intent to use the money to assuage his guilt over a military assignment gone wrong, one that cost innocent lives. But that little Marian the Librarian guarding her penthouse is not as meek as she appears. When she thwarts his theft, Quinn finds he's met his mental match and is forced to return in order to complete his mission.

Maggie is a runaway who has turned her life around. A bad boy put her on a path that ruined her future, and she has labored assiduously to avoid those types of men who make her stray from her narrow road. The last man she ever wants to see again is the man who admits he's trying to steal from her, no matter how attracted she is to him.

But Maggie's security program has caught the attention of a bigger threat, one that could cost millions of lives. So now both of them have to decide which is more important: a threat against National security, or trusting someone whose heart is completely Impenetrable?

Action/adventure hero Rex Ronin knows he needs to break out of his typecast roles if he hopes to have any longevity on the silver screen. A fresh new role filmed on the deserted Hawaiian Island of Koho’olawe will grant him decades of acting opportunities. But a storm strands him at sea, and when he makes land, Rex is saved by a woman running a wildlife preserve—on the very land Rex’s agent is turning into a mega-resort in his honor.

Reclusive Tori Jackson takes care of living things; after all, she knows what it’s like to be broken and discarded, so living among nature and protecting everything on her reserve is all that matters to her. So when a  shipwrecked man shows up on her doorstep, Tori has no compunction against helping him. The only problem is that her beloved property is at risk of turning into a concrete tourist destination. With no money, no power, and a coalition intending to steal the land out from underneath her, Tori needs something extraordinary to save everything she holds dear.

 Rex craves fame and fortune, while Tori nurtures her flora and fauna. Was their shipwrecked encounter a disaster, or simply their destiny?



A sweet romance that starts out with two teenagers falling in love, being torn apart, then meeting again ten years later. The impressions they have made on each other are still apparent after a decade, only now, they are fighting over a priceless inheritance of antiques. Jessalyn Swan believes pieces like these belong out in the world, whereas Darius Covington wants them safely locked up back in his uncle's home- the only place he had known love and kindness.

As the time for the disbursement draws near, it is apparent that attempts are being made on their lives.  If Jessalyn loses the inheritance, she might have to close the store. If Darius loses, every fond memory of his childhood will disappear with the sales.

Will their desires to succeed separately overshadow the love that began ten years ago?

Third Eye's a Charm

I have copies on hand to autograph!

A fun, fast story, "Third Eye's a Charm" is about a psychic employee who feels roped into helping a ghost child in need when he appears to her in visions as she takes a routine call from a very non-routine caller. She keeps telling herself she needs to help the boy so she won't get swept away by her caller's sexy voice and flirtatious charm.

When RoseAngel "accidentally" bumps into said caller at the grocery store and the sparks fly, it takes every last grain of resolve she has to walk away.

But Travis won't let her.

Dealing with his own demons-- and a slew of men who firmly believe the dead don't talk-- Travis is at the end of a long three-year ordeal. He can't risk getting involved with anyone right now, but the thought of letting the prettiest girl he's met in eight years get away makes him go against his own better judgement.

And that of the judge.

USA Today Best-selling author Mary Buckham says, "A hold-your-breath suspense story--sexy, warm, and poignant, with aching loss and a desire for miracles. Callahan's best book yet. "

Loving Out of Time, my second release, is a contemporary time travel novel.
In this story, Cody Bell is whisked from his family farm in 1898 straight into Anya Littlefeather's backyard of 2013. Anya has too many abandonment issues to even consider a romance with someone who already breaks two of her four relationship requirements.

Cody has to decide whether to go back and save the life of the last of his family, or stay here and start a new one. Anya has to either add one more abandonment issue to her list when he goes home, or ask Cody to let his niece perish and stay with her forever.


I have copies on hand to autograph!


Taming the Stallion, my debut novel, is about Peace Officer Raylie McPherson, who really wants to arrest horse breeder tycoon Ashton Lyre for neglect of his racehorses, but none of the evidence points to him,  no matter how badly she hopes it does.

Ashton just learned his enterprise had a fraudulent start, and the nosy Peace Officer's meddling might cost him his livelihood. He has to fight his attraction to her, or everything he's worked so hard for will be lost.

BONUS: a portion of proceeds helps to support my local animal shelter.