Everyone likes to know more about a new author (to them), so I hope you don’t mind sharing. Let’s start with the basics, taking a few minutes to talk about what you do. 

1.  How old were you when you were born? Just kidding!  Well, you see, I was born an old soul. Wise beyond my years, even as an infant (please don’t fact check this info!) But I regress more and more every year. Now, as a recently-turned-forty-one-year-old I love to wear Mickey Mouse clothing (even sneakers!) and hoodies and jeans. My favorite foods are the same things your favorite five-year-old would eat. Yeah, I get less and less mature every day. ;)

2. What do you write? I write small town contemporary romance. I have also written a young adult paranormal trilogy. I’m toying with an idea for a YA horror/suspense (not sure which yet) that has been bugging me…

3.  What is your typical writing day like? Do you jump on the keyboard the second after your feet hit the floor in the morning, or do you have to sneak up on your computer and wait until it’s not paying attention?   Oh boy… that varies depending on the day and season! J After wrangling the dogs and the children, figuring out meals, etc. I head to my office where I goof around on my phone for a while (why is Facebook so addictive???) before finally setting my timer and forcing myself to sprint. I need to get better about staying productive during office time. I’ve been really slacking this year.

4. Is there a genre you don’t write in now but think one day you might? Why or why not? Actually, I am currently working on a new project I’m super excited about—a twelve book erotica series! Totally new to me. I’ll release it under a pen name. And I probably won’t tell anyone what that name is.

5. If you have more than one book out, which is your favorite, and why?   Do you WANT me to make the others jealous? Don’t you know how awful it is to have raging characters??? What if they read this? Okay, okay—I have seventeen books out at the moment, and I like different things about different books. Probably easier to tell you which book I like the least—that would be whatever one I’m currently writing! Hee, hee. Okay, seriously though. I enjoyed writing SO COMPLICATED because it was a friends-to-lovers story, which was a first for me. I also enjoyed writing LOVING A WILDFLOWER because the heroine lives with a mental illness (internal scars) while the hero has to learn to live with external scars post-POW. They have a very light and dark/Beauty and the Beast sort of storyline. It was fun, because usually my heroes are pretty sweet and easygoing, and Ethan was a lot rougher around the edges. I also am really proud of the series I last published (The Blackthorne Brothers) because the brothers are super hot and awesome and the structure of the series was probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever conquered (writing-wise.)

6. How long have you been published?   My first book (a young adult paranormal) was published in October, 2012! Can’t believe it’s been so long! My writing career is graduating from preschool! (Which is only fitting since I teach preschool, but that’s another topic altogether!)

7.  What is your favorite type of book to read?    I am a sucker for a great historical romance, especially a sexy Highlander or hot Duke, Earl or rake! Can’t write them, because I don’t even know if I’m supposed to capitalize those things. Sigh. I also love contemporary romance. I go through phases with what I feel like reading—young adult, women’s fiction, nonfiction, etc.

8.  Do you have a spot you seek out for inspiration?    My office is set up with all of the things I need for inspiration, but I do also love connecting with nature to refresh my brain and to satisfy my Muse (she can get pretty prickly when I keep her inside too long.) We love the beach or the woods. There’s something oh-so-magical about trees. I think maybe I was one in a past life. (I’m sort of kidding. I think.) I love the ocean at night or when it’s stormy. I’m a fair-skinned Irish gal, so sitting all day in the hot sun doesn’t appeal to me. I also loooooove a cabin in the woods near a babbling brook or a lake with waves gently lapping the shore. H-E-A-V-E-N. (As long as there’s indoor plumbing!)

9.  Can you tell us about your latest release?    My latest release was a four book series about four brothers who need to return to Healing Springs to help find their missing father and to keep the family dairy farm running in his absence. Nothing goes as planned. Each book in the series is a complete romance with their own happily-ever-after, but there’s an overarching mystery surrounding the father’s disappearance that isn’t solved until the last book. The first book in the series AND the prequel are free at all ebook retailers. J In the first book, Declan—the brother who is most passionate about the dairy farm—finds himself way too attracted to the pain-in-the-ass vegan activist who is causing trouble for the family.

10.  Which book(s) have you read more than once, and why? I rarely reread books because there are SO MANY on my list I need to read. I have read some Kinley MacGregor books more than once, because I love, love, love the heroes or the grand gestures or both. I recently read a book by an author named Dorothy Callahan—have you heard of her?—and I want to reread one of her books from a couple of years ago because I gulped it down kinda fast and I need to go back and relive it more slowly. Her books are that good! I have several favorite authors whose books I would love to read again and again, and I probably will start rereading things more now that my memory is getting so bad! 

11. Some people have had characters in their head their whole lives, and others have had characters thrust upon them. Which is your category?  The cast changes regularly, but my memory of having invaders living in my head goes way back. Way, way back. Remember how I was ancient when I was born? Yeah. Maybe that’s because of all the characters that live in me! (I swear I don’t take drugs!)

For the remainder, please answer at least 5, and have fun with them! Alternatively, feel free to share something else. Wow, these are all great questions! I don’t know what to pick! LOL!


1.     What gets your panties in a bind?  Hee, hee—pet peeve time? Okay, sign me up! There are many, but here are a few:  When able-bodied people don’t return their grocery cart to the cart return. When people toss cigarette butts out the car window (don’t they have ashtrays???) Littering of any sort. People who are rude, but especially when they’re rude to wait staff or a retail clerk or when they bark their order through a drive-through window without a single please or thank you. When people leave messes on the toilet seat in public restrooms. Um, there’s more. Let me think… Any kind of injustice. Close-mindedness. Never-ending winters. ;) Ingratitude. Stepping in a puddle of cold slush while wearing tennis shoes (I finally bought boots last winter!) There’s more, but really, who the heck wants to keep hearing my negativity? (Oh yes—negativity gets my panties in a bind! Geez, I can’t stand myself!)

2.  Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets? I love both, but I have to say I’d much prefer seeing a sunset. The sun rises early, you know!

3.  If you had to use an animal as a role model for your life, which would it be, and why?  Definitely an elephant. Matriarchal society, they look out for family and friends, they are so wise and beautiful, and emotional. I love, love, love elephants. There’s a video of an elephant trying to save a baby rhino after the rhino fell into a pit. The mother rhino keeps attacking the elephant over and over, but the elephant doesn’t stop helping, because she’s an elephant and a mother and she gets it. I love that.

4.  Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what kind? I have never been able to listen to music while writing because I get way too into the lyrics or the music. HOWEVER, I recently discovered this thing called Brain.fm and it has transformed my writing process. It’s some sort of sciencey thing that is way over my head, but whatever they do to produce the music works to help me focus. They have different playlists that are designed for focus, sleep, or meditation. My productivity has increased dramatically since I started using it! I don’t know how to explain it—but check it out!

5.  What’s your favorite way to unwind?   Read a great book or binge-watch a show with my honey or my kids. A cup of tea is nice, and comfy pajama pants are essential.

Dorothy Callahan Amanda Torrey
Robyn Neeley Dorothy Callahan

Everyone likes to know more about a new author (to them), so I hope you don’t mind sharing. Let’s start with the basics, taking a few minutes to talk about what you do. 

1. What do you write?   
Hi Dorothy! Thanks so much for having me. I write laugh out loud romantic comedy. Sometimes with a dash of magic (sometimes with a dash of spice.) I am currently published with Crimson Romance and self-published. I’m currently working on a super cute office holiday romance for Entangled’s Lovestruck line, which I’m over the moon excited about!

2.  What is your typical writing day like? Do you jump on the keyboard the second after your feet hit the floor in the morning, or do you have to sneak up on your computer and wait until it’s not paying attention?   My schedule tends to vary. I take my iPad wherever I go, so it’s not uncommon for me to write on the commuter train on my way to work; duck into a conference room and get a few words in at lunch; and then back at it on my way home. During the weekends, my go-to place is my favorite grocery store – yep, grocery store – Wegman’s. They’ve got an amazing second floor dining area that is PERFECT for writers. Great music, buffet, coffee and restsroom are all right there!

3.  Is there a genre you don’t write in now but think one day you might? Why or why not?  I always think it would be fun to write a Scottish historical, but I’m horrible with history! My hat is always off to historical romance authors.

4.  If you have more than one book out, which is your favorite, and why?  That’s a hard one. I would probably say TANGLED UP. It’s the second book in my Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls series, and I just loved Brandon and Abby and the amnesia trope (thanks to a cupcake spell). Poor Brandon had no idea what was going on, and that made for some funny scenes. CHRISTMAS DINNER would be my second because it was the first book I wrote shortly after my cat, Sydney, passed away and got me started writing romance. (The book has a happy ending!)

5.  How long have you been published?   Since 2013. Though CHRISTMAS DINNER was the first book I wrote, my romantic comedy DESTINATION WEDDING came out first in July that year.

6.  What is your favorite type of book to read?  I love contemporary romance. My go to books lately have been in the Entangled Bliss and Lovestruck lines.

7.  Do you have a spot you seek out for inspiration? Not really a spot, but I often will go back to the places that inspired me in past books. For instance, there’s a Christmas tree farm that I always stop in on my way to New York for the holidays because it was the place that inspired me to write about a heroine’s whose quirky family owned a Christmas tree farm in CHRISTMAS DINNER.

8.  Can you tell us about your latest release?  I sure can. The HOLIDAY HOOK UP is the 4th book in my Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls series. All the books center around Batter Up night, a night that involves the town’s bachelors gathering around the Sugar Spoon Bakery, in which one lucky bachelor learns the name of his soul mate thanks to a shimmering pink mixing spoon, cake batter, and a magical spell. In HOLIDAY HOOKUP, the tables are turned when hometown funnyman Adam Reed is given a shimmering blue mixing spoon to predict soulmates for bachelorettes. It’s full on Christmas, filled with lots of holiday cheer and hope—and cake batter!

9.  Which book(s) have you read more than once, and why?  You know, I don’t tend to read books twice BUT one that I just started reading for the second time is TWO TICKETS TO THE CHRISTMAS BALL by Donita K. Paul. It’s an adorable holiday romance.

10.  If you could have one constant companion for the rest of your days, who or what would it be?  Easy. My gray cat, Carly, but with less of her cattitude!

11.      What do you do when the plot Just. Won’t. Work?   I stop writing and start brainstorming. Because I write romantic comedy, I expect a lot of humor. I’ll step back and really examine where I’m going with a story to make sure it’s not only funny, but has a fresh and unique spin.

12.  Do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?  Definitely sunrises. I’m an early bird! This summer, I spent a couple of days in the Outer Banks, North Carolina and watched the sunrise on the beach while spotting three dolphins. That was AMAZING!

13.   Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what kind?  Yes, and sometimes it depends on what I’m writing. For SWEET TEXAS CHARM, I spent a lot of time listening to country music (and love it!) For my holiday romances, I tend to set Pandora to a Christmas music station. I also love anything 80’s and would die without the 80’s channel on Sirius radio in my car!

14. The weather is horrible outside: what are you going to do today?  Write, write, write! Hopefully I had the good sense to run to the grocery store and get a dozen Dunkin Donuts or stocked the house with chocolate!

 Thanks for having me! BATTER UP, the first book in my Bachelors of Buttermilk Falls series is FREE December 22 – 26 on Amazon.  For more information on any of my books, or to sign up for my e-newsletter, you can visit www.robynneeley.com.


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