Read and Rescue Dorothy Callahan animals adoption


​       My Story

   Like other romance authors, I like the promise of a Happy Ever After. I like knowing that all the strife and uncertainty that the hero and heroine have faced over the last 300 pages will result in a large sigh of contentment. Personally, there is nothing more frustrating to me than to finish a story with an ambiguous ending, never knowing if the main characters will be together, or, for a standalone novel, if all those dangling threads will ever be tied. I also like to toss my character into (figuratively) shark-filled waters. This can mean danger comes from weapons, enemies, magic/magical beasts, or even something less hostile but equally dangerous: preconceptions, prejudices, and secrets.
   I started my writing “career” when I was 15 years old. My first novel was a fantasy set in a magical realm. It had 10 main characters. It was also awful.
  Two of my novels have made it to Amazon’s Top 100: the first is A Decade for Darius, which was also a nominee for “Best of the Best Reads of 2015” from Sweet ‘N Sassy Bookaholics. The second is "Crazy Little Fling."
   To date, all of my stories have adopted or rescued animals in them. This is something I have been passionate about ever since I was a child. Read more about me in My Cause. 

     ​      My Cause

  My group, Read and Rescue, is a gathering of published authors who, like me, wish to help animals through the sales of their books. Authors displaying this logo pledge a portion of proceeds to a charity of their choice. Just look for the logo to know you're supporting a great cause!

   My goal is to raise awareness for the millions of animals languishing in shelters every day. Please adopt and save a life. These are not “damaged” animals; they simply come from damaged homes. If you can’t adopt, donate. If you can’t donate, foster, like we do. To date, my husband and I have helped over 80 cats and kittens find new homes. Won't you be a hero to a homeless pet, too?