Why Write Romance?

Like other romance authors, I like the promise of a Happy Ever After. I like knowing that all the strife and uncertainty that the hero and heroine have faced for the last 300 pages will result in a large sigh. Personally, there is nothing more frustrating to me than to finish a story with an ambiguous ending, never knowing if the main characters will be together, or, for a standalone novel, if all those dangling threads will ever be tied. I also like to toss my characters into (figuratively) shark-filled waters. This can mean danger comes from weapons, enemies, magic/magical beasts, or even something less hostile but equally dangerous: preconceptions, prejudices, and secrets.

I started my writing "career" when I was 15 years old. My first novel was a fantasy (I was a huge fan of Piers Anthony and Robert Asprin) placed in a magical realm. It had 10 main characters. (I'm not too proud to admit it was awful.) Since then, I have learned the craft! I have been published in The National Library of Poetry, joined local writers' groups, and have been a member of Romance Writers of America for at least a decade-- a fantastic group!

All my books (thus far) have featured adopted animals in them. This is something I have been passionate about ever since I was a child. My first pet rabbit came from a humane society. As did our cats. The dog was a stray running loose in our neighborhood. I've always found that animals who have suffered from an unmentionable life are the most loving and loyal companions. My late 18-year-old cat that I adopted from the humane society had been horribly neglected, living outdoors. Never once in the 15 years we had her had she tried to get outside. She knew what was out there. "Thanks, but no thanks" was her belief.

My goal is to raise awareness for the millions of animals languishing in shelters every day. Please adopt and save a life. These are not "damaged" animals; they just come from damaged homes. If you can't adopt, donate. If you can't donate, foster. My husband and I have been fostering kittens for years. To date, we've helped over 75 cats and kittens get new homes.

Okay, I'm stepping down off my little soapbox. If you'd like, feel free to explore my website and enjoy some of the excerpts I have posted for you.  And don't forget to grab your free copy of IMPENETRABLE!